Sunday, 3 May 2009

life. and the joys acompanying it.

so, it is a sunday afternoon, and it's nice weather, but the internet connection doesn't reach outside in this house due to thick walls, so i am sat in my room, enjoying the small amount of sunshine that can get in through the window. it's quite nice. this weekend, has so far, been pretty dull truth be told, so i decided that the time was right to write another blog entry. i dont really have anything specific to write about, so i figure that i will just write until i get bored, run out of things to say, or anything even vaguely exciting comes along to distract me, and draw my attention elsewhere. but for now, i am commited to writing at least something (which i suppose i have already achieved up to this point). today is the 2nd of May, which is fun. i like May. however, this year it seems to have crept up on me a little quicker than i thought that it would, which is crazy. i mean i expect that it has come at pretty much the same pace it always has for thousands of years, but maybe due to a lack of concentration, or a poor judgment of time, this year the month of May has arrived before i felt that i was ready for it. however, as surprising as the existence of May at present is, it is also a good thing, as i said. i like May. the weather is getting nice. exams have not quite arrived yet, and there are two bank holidays and a half term, so the amount of work that i am required to do is less than normal. not that i don't like work, but i do also enjoy time off. listening to music on shuffle is always an experience that i find very enjoyable at times. every now and again it bugs me, and i get sick of bad song after bad song coming up through my speakers, and it makes me wonder why i even bother having this much music on my computer, but other times, such as today, the shuffle button makes me happy to be alive... let me quote to you my "recently played"....:
1. Marching Bands of Manhatten - Death Cab For Cutie
2. All Time Lows - Hellogoodbye
3. White Spiders - John Ralston
4. Amazing, Because It Is - The Almost
5. Time to Pretend - MGMT
6. Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
7. Graduation Day - Head Automatica
8. Human - The Killers
9. Be Less Rude - Frightened Rabbit
10. My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer
11. Jodi - The Dodos
12. A Little Bit of You in Everything - The Rentals.
bliss? yes, i think so.
it's times like this that the people who decided that music players in general needed to have a "random" button really start to make their money in my opinion. as uneventful as this day is being, this music is just really making me feel better. my day today has consisted of, going to church. reading Redeeming Love. Watching Wall.E. and now writing this blog. so, i think that we can all agree, that more exciting sundays have happened. but no matter, not every day can be fascinating, and days like this, in which i actually have some time to myself, and time to think, seem to come few and far between recently, so i suppose that i should really stop, and try to use them whilst they're around rather than get bored.
(Add "Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles" to the list above that just came on. it's like iTunes knows what i want to listen to before i even do.)
So recently, i have become more aware of my age that i ever have been before in my life. which may sound really bizare coming from someone who is still in their "teens", but even as i have grown up, i still seem to think of myself as a bit of a child. and that isn't something that i want to lose, i love that playful, easy going side of life, and i wouldn't ever want to lose it, as i think that it would make life far more monotonous, and dull. but when i start 3 new youth groups in one week and the young people guess my age, i would never've expected people to estimate me at being 23, 24 or 27! so that was quite a shock for me, and i never think of myself as even close to these ages. but the fact of the matter is, that next year i will be moving firmly away from my teenage years, in the the scary world of being in my 20's! a brief story now... when i was on the bus on wednesday, there was a young boy, maybe about 3 or 4 sat with him mum. this boy seemed to find something about me oddly facinating and kept staring at me, i didnt have a problem with this, i actually find it quite amusing, but the boys mother obviously thought that her son was being quite rude and told the boy to "stop staring at that man". now at first this struck me as odd, as i had thought the boy was staring at me, and it took a while before i realied that the "man" about which the woman was talking was in fact me! i found this quite funny at first, but then it got me to think, that actually, even though i see myself as quite young and maybe immature, i apparently give off the impression of maturity. im not really sure where i am going with this, i just found it quite fun.
This weekend includes one of the bank holidays in May! (yay) which is tomorrow. as exciting as this may, or may not sound, it promises to be yet another uneventful day. i have nothing planned and i will no doubt just do some work and tidy my desk, which has currently undertaken the roll of "dumping ground" for all the stuff that i didnt want to be on my floor because i kept treading on it. after monday, i enter a shortened week of four days work. which i dont think is going to be particually challenging or altered from the regular course of events. on Staurday (9th May) Burton Yout For Christ are putting on a fundraising event. we are doing a Comedy Night! so arrangements for that are due to be going on all week, as tickets are sold, and we video the children we work with as the say jokes, and say nice things about us and the work that we do. it should be an aweosme event.. unfortunately however... i will not be there. this saturday, i get the great pleasure of going to ALTON TOWERS! oh the joys of being a youth worker. i will be going there to "work for YFC" although what i will actually be going when i am there, as of yet, remains a mystery. so i look forward to doing that, whatever it involves, im sure it will be good. but it basically boils down to the fact that i will be getting a all expences paid trip to alton towers. which i am definately not complaining about. the 10th of May (Sunday) is going to be an early start for me, (which after what i expect will be a very late finish on saturday, could be an interesting one) the reason for the early start is that one of the youth cells at my church are doing a car wash for the church congregation on the morning whilst the service is on, so, as the only male leader on the team, i have basically been given the responsibility of heading this up and being in charch of organisation, so i basically have to be there before all the kids get there. so i wish myself good luck with that. after that exhausting weekend, i then have just one more week of work before half term! when i am going home for a week, and kelsey (then si and jess for a day or two) are joining me in oxford for a bit. which should be good.

well, this is far longer that i thought it would be.
which is not a bad thing..


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