Monday, 18 May 2009

Unfinished Business

so, today i was at a youth group, and Rachel Ortiz, one of the leaders, played and sang a song she wrote us. not that she wrote it for us, she wrote it. then happened to be singing it for us.
but anyway, it's called unfinished business. and it just really kind of connected with me.
so here are the lyrics...:

"I'm not so deaf Lord, that I can't hear your voice,
I knew this moment would arrive sooner or later,
I've known for a while you'd come around.
for there's this case of unfinished bussiness,
namely the gift of my heart to you.

I've confessed you as my King,
I'm glad my life is not my own but Yours truely,
Though I'm increasingly aware
That this is not the state of affairs any longer.

'Cos I dream, and I hope, and i still nurture these dreams of my own,
how can this be, when it was so sincerely
I gave you my life, made you my King, surrendered everything.
Well I'm thinking there's always gonna be
A case of unfinished business,
namely the gift of my heart to you

But this i know, will all persuasion,
That there will come a time when we will be one
And I will perfectly follow your steps whatever dance you call
And all my songs will echo those you sing for me
And I'm thinking that one day there will be
No more unfinished business
Only the completed gift of my heart to you"


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