Tuesday, 19 May 2009

so i am sat in the office, having not gone to Kickboxing due to the traffic making me like a half hour late, so i called Kay, and in the end we decided that it would be far easier for her to just go alone, than have to wait for me for an age, and then be late for the kids.
so, i walked home from Short Street chapel (via Tesco - i decided that i really needed something to eat, so i popped in and bought myself a salad) while walking, the clods decided that the water was just getting far too heavy for them to cope with, and thoughtt hat i looked a little too dry to be allowed, so i got wet. yay. so after getting back to the office to pick up my bag, not having to be anywhere any time soo, i decided to dry off for a bit before catching the bus home. so i am currently doing this, my jacket is on the radiator, and i am sat listening to some Death Cab For Cutie, listening to the rain against the windows.
today i only had a couple of things, it wasnt too busy, i had Paulet school int he morning, where we started a topic on healthy eating and drinking etc, with the year nines, and then we were in the workshop making tree-planers with the year 10s. we had no more lessons, because the year 11s are now basically finished for the year other than having the joys of exams to look forward to. i then was in Winshill primiary where sue and i had only two kids today, so we just played some games, and played with the k-nex for an hour or so, it was nice, and i really felt like i connected with the two kids that were there.
before i started this year, i had never really done any work with small kids like these guys, but this year i have done quite a bit with primary kids (although these guys are the youngest (year 1 and 2!)) and i have really enjoyed it. like way more thatn i thought that i ever would do.
i feel like i can connect with these kids in a way that i wouldnt've thought was possible fore kids that young.
it's wonderful! :)

i am currently, ill. sad day. whcih is making me sound kind of nasal, and weird, so i'm, not the biggest fan of that, but what can you do.

other than that, my week, thus far, has been good :)


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