Tuesday, 5 May 2009

my day.

so, today was a mixed day for me. it started off bad, and it looked like it was only going to get worse and worse, and for a while, it did, but it picked up towards the end. sorry to ruin the end of the story straight there. but meh.

so, i woke up at a soul destroying 4.32 am when a text came through, and my body decided that this was definately time to get up. so after reading the text which said "ok" i was so infuriated by the nerve of someone, to not only text me at 4.32 am, but to text me witha ONE WORD TEXT. i mean seriously. what is that!? when i decided to check the 'details' section of the message, only to find that the text had been sent to me at the reasonable time of 11.36 pm some 5 hours previously. at this point the anger did not subside, it was merely transfered onto the general expance of cyber-space where the text must have been floating for 5 hours before deciding to make it's way onto my phone. by the time 5.48 rolled around, and i had been staring at me ceiling, watching the sun slowly creep through my window for over an hour, i decided to abandon the futile attempts at sleep, and just get up. bad move. i started my day by standing on an upturned plug. ouch. seriously, it was an effort not to shout very loud, which i am sure my hosts would not have appreciated. so shattered and with a crippled foot, i stumbled to the bathroom to wash and attempt to wake myself up with some cold water. i opened the door of the bathroom, to find that someone had left the window open the previous night, the room was freezing, and the bath was partially filled with rain water. lovely. so i washed, now adding cold and wet to my list of things to complain about. i walked back to my room and got dressed. this is when i discovered that both my belt and one of my pairs of glasses were broken. this was not looking like it was going to be my day. i fixed the belt, and with the help of a mini-screwdriver i found in one of the kitchen draws, i managed to fix the arm back onto my glasses too. (i had managed not to lose the screw, which would've been disasterous) by this time, the time was aproaching 6.30, so i returned to my room, and decided to make use of the time i had to put the pile of freshly cleaned clothes i had neatly folded the previous night, away. my next act was to knock an almost full glass of water straight on top of the aforementioned clothes, and soak the top 4 items. i put these on radiators, and put the rest of my clothes away. i then settled down to read for a little while, which i thought would be a seemingly risk - free activity. it turned out i was thankfully right. at 7.00 my alarm went off. a mere 2 hours and 28 minutes after i had woken up. at 7.40 i left my house to get the 8.00 bus. i arrived at the bus stop at aproximately 7.47 (yes, that was approximately) i was early, but i had got bored of being in the house, and i decided that standing in the fresh air for an extra ten minutes would be nice. it was at this point that it started to rain. at 8.24 when i was thoroughly wet through, and my bus had still decided not to turn up, i was really starting to get mad and was thinking of ways i could contact the bus service and shout at someone just to vent some emotion. a further 10 minutes later, the bus turned up. i walked on to the bus ready to be gracious and willingly accept the drivers humble appologies for being so late. they didnt come. i got over that, and was cheery enough while buying my ticket. i sat on the bus. it was boring. i got off the bus and mercifully the rain had stopped. running a full half hour late for work at this point, i started off on my walk (which was now a jog) to the other side of burton where i was due to be in school. this walk generally takes me 40 minutes on a good day. i succeeded in arriving at the school, exausted 16 minutes later. i wanted to die. i do two lessons in this school. normally, one in the classroom, and the next in a woodwork workshop. today, being my unlucky day, i just watched the same dvd twice over. i then went to the office. i next had a club at a primary school, where i teach 4 kids. sounds easy? it's not. one kid is 6 and is already in his 3rd school he started the lesson by telling me that he wanted to stab me. he then threw pens and cups across the room and shouted. he then found a foam mallet, and proceeded to hit everything in sight, including me, with it. i confiscated it. and he DID NOT like this. not one bit. he shouted. eventually we calmed him down, and managed to get him to act out being "dead" to be put into the recovery possition by his peers. next, i was back at the office briefly, while i waited to be picked up for kickboxing. it was at this point of the day, that things started picking up. i went to kickboxing, which was good. the exercise made me feel much better, and i got to punch and kick pads that small children were holding. it was good fun. after this club finished at 4.30 , i walked back to town to catch the bus. i wandered round the shops for a bit, and went to the stop to get the 5.08. however, when i got to the bus stop, i was struck with a sudden urge to walk. so i did. i had no where to be, so i walked from burton centre, to Stretton, a little village i used to live in, and i walked out the other side of this, and as far as i could before i hit the main road. having walked for just over an hour and a half, i caught the 6.43 bus home. i got off the bus in the village before mine at 7.03 and walked home from there listening to music. i really found this walk helped me a lot, i have been in the mood for some "me" tme for a while, and what with work, and living with two small kids, i only really get this late at night, when i am too tired to think, so i used the time i was walking today to think, and pray and listen to worship music and reflect on life. it was wonderfull. so i got home at 7.39 and was exausted, but this time in a good way. i ate dinner (home made pizza!!) and showered. and thus concludes my day.
it may have started pretty pants, but i think it really finished well.
i enjoyed it at any rate.

that is all
(2 post in like 3 days... i know. dont be too shocked)


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Stacey said...

Spicer, you're on a roll! Keep it up! You MUST blog all about Oxford as you-know-who won't until I beg her to. :)