Monday, 21 September 2009

the next stage...

so today was the official start of my time on crux, not counting the week of training that i had at worcester university the week before last.
i got my train from oxford to birmingham this morning, and was picked up by Hannah in the berlingo from the Station, from here, we (Hannah, Dan (Horner) and I) went back to the YFC head office where we met up with the final member of our team Nic DeBoo (aka BooBoo) we hung at the office for a little bit, where we were introduced to most of the full time office staff, basically none of whos names i can currently remember... so we'll see how that goes tomorrow morning. we then went and ate lunch followed by a meeting in a loooovely pub. (pictures to follow...) about the team this year and rules etc. etc...

next on the agenda. was somewhere to live.
i am based with a couple called Ray (the vicar at my church) and Mary Yates, who have a son (22) called Matthew.

so that is me...
here i am, sat in the home that i will be living in for the up coming year. and looking forward to the days and weeks ahead...

once i've done some real work with real people... i am hoping that these posts will begin to become a little more interesting. we shall just have to wait and see..


Thursday, 17 September 2009

knowledge isnt everything.

Bertrand Russell once said:

"The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge"

today i watched two films (lets ignore for a moment how little of a life i currently have) both of these films, once they were finished i would've described as having "disapointing endings" and both for the same reasons:
- they ended abruptly
- they didnt really seem to go anywhere
- there was no real conclusion to the story line

i recently went to a christian festival called soul survivor. while i was there i listened to a talk based on impatience. this advert was used

this advert is based around the idea that people want action. they want everythign now, and waiting is for others. time spent waiting, is time wasted. answeres are desired immediately. i made a parralel between this comercial, and my views on these two films. i was disapointed because they didnt fulfil my desire for immediate answers. i wasnt immediately satisfied with what i was given. i wanted to be told the exact outcome of the films with all of the plot lines leading to a conclusion which made sense and satisfied my expectations.
but i was thinking.... why...
why would i want all the answers, with a lose ended film such as one of these, rather than having one fixed ending set out by the director, and executed by the actors which will forever be the only thing that happens at the end of the film, instead, a whole world of posibilities is left open to me. the world of imagination is reopened and using it, i can make the end of the film my own, and make it different every time.
i was given a unique mind, with a superb imagination. what a shame not to use it. what a shame to have everything dictated to me, when my mind is so much more fantastical than any film producer.

so i would challenge mr Bertrand Russel, that infact, the good life is inspired by love but guided by our own human nature, our desire for the fantastical. by our imaginations.

looking back

so as i got to know the First Year voulenteers on Yfcone this year, i was really encourages to see their passion and joy for the start of this year. i just look back to when i was in that possision last year, and to think how much i have changed over the past 365 days. and i am just so excited to see how they change and grow as the go out to their placements this year. :)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


so, this past week, i have spent in Worcester Uni at ETC training for the upcoming year. it was good, very busy, and very intnese, but it was really good, and i really felt like i learned a lot.
one of the things that we did at the training was our Personal Mission Statements. we just talked for a bit about what we wanted to do this year, and how we felt about it and what kind of principals we wanted to live by etc. in other words, what our "MISSION STATEMENT" was going to be. I really enjoyed talking about it, and having written down what i was going to do this year, i found really encouraging... here's what i came up with....:

  • To Love my God; to grow daily in my walk with Him and to serve Him in everything I do.
  • To continue to challenge myself in everything I do, pushing my boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone.
  • To treat everyone I meet with the Love that reflects that of Christ Jesus.
  • To take time out for myself and to not feel guilty about it.
  • To read my Bible and continue to learn more about God.
  • To use my God given gifts for the Glory of the Kingdom.
  • To take every chance available to spread the Good News.
  • To stand up against injustice and to protect the wellbeing of vunerable and needy people, especially young people.
  • To always have time for people who ask for it.
so, as i go on this year, i will really strive to follow these in everything i do.
wish me luck!

point for prayer:
-if people could pray for me to be rested in this week off, and to start work refreshed and energised, so that i can do my best.
-i dont yet have anywhere to live, so prayer that that could all get sorted out would also be awesome!
-praise for the fact that we have a complete team on Crux Media, and prayer that we will stay as a team, and all manage to get along, and there wont be any breakdowns etc.

:) peace out.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

a new begining...

so, it's tomorrow that i start.
a new chapter in my YFC journey, and not one that i would've been expecting at this time last year. far from it.
as i look back at this past year. it has been one of the quickest 365 days that i think i have ever experienced. it seems like such a short time ago that i turned up to Birmingham last year, not knowing anyone, unsure about where i would be, who i would meet and what i would be doing. and i look to the now. so much has changed, yet i am still in a pretty simelar position as i was at this point last year. like last year, i am currently unaware of where i will be living in what is now only a matter of days. i dont know much of what i will be doing. i feel slightly underprepared (though i am sure that i will be provided with excelent training to help with that one).
i think back on how much of my life is different. how much better it is, but how ultimately, as i face a new experience, it shows me as i truely am. i put on no front. i do not pretent to be anything more than i am.
a guy. who without my saviour, is nothing. but with him, i can acomplish anything.
it's as simple as that.

so as this year starts, i know that i do not start this year alone and unprepared. i start this year with my Lord at my side. and with the knowledge that through him all things are possible.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


dear blog. i am sorry for neglecting you over the summer. i will try to do better this next year. love tom.

so last year ended really well in burton.
i finished everything.
i said my goodbyes.
i started to move on.

summer has been busy.
i've been away.
i've worked.
i've caught up with old friends.

next year looks good.
i will be starting afresh.
i will be busy.
god will be doing amazing things.

So, for a new (academic) year i have decided that i want to do something a little different with my blog. and i think a few changes need to be made. and i will try my bestest to keep up with what i promise.
i) i shall be adding pictures next year
ii) i will try to be less dull
iii) i will update more
iv) i will not only be updating about myself, but about others and the world at large
v)i hope it might actually be interesting

so this is the hope.
only time will tell how well this goes.

i start training at
worcester university
7th september

then on to birmingham...

psalme 119:35
"Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight"