Thursday, 17 September 2009

knowledge isnt everything.

Bertrand Russell once said:

"The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge"

today i watched two films (lets ignore for a moment how little of a life i currently have) both of these films, once they were finished i would've described as having "disapointing endings" and both for the same reasons:
- they ended abruptly
- they didnt really seem to go anywhere
- there was no real conclusion to the story line

i recently went to a christian festival called soul survivor. while i was there i listened to a talk based on impatience. this advert was used

this advert is based around the idea that people want action. they want everythign now, and waiting is for others. time spent waiting, is time wasted. answeres are desired immediately. i made a parralel between this comercial, and my views on these two films. i was disapointed because they didnt fulfil my desire for immediate answers. i wasnt immediately satisfied with what i was given. i wanted to be told the exact outcome of the films with all of the plot lines leading to a conclusion which made sense and satisfied my expectations.
but i was thinking.... why...
why would i want all the answers, with a lose ended film such as one of these, rather than having one fixed ending set out by the director, and executed by the actors which will forever be the only thing that happens at the end of the film, instead, a whole world of posibilities is left open to me. the world of imagination is reopened and using it, i can make the end of the film my own, and make it different every time.
i was given a unique mind, with a superb imagination. what a shame not to use it. what a shame to have everything dictated to me, when my mind is so much more fantastical than any film producer.

so i would challenge mr Bertrand Russel, that infact, the good life is inspired by love but guided by our own human nature, our desire for the fantastical. by our imaginations.

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