Wednesday, 9 September 2009


so, this past week, i have spent in Worcester Uni at ETC training for the upcoming year. it was good, very busy, and very intnese, but it was really good, and i really felt like i learned a lot.
one of the things that we did at the training was our Personal Mission Statements. we just talked for a bit about what we wanted to do this year, and how we felt about it and what kind of principals we wanted to live by etc. in other words, what our "MISSION STATEMENT" was going to be. I really enjoyed talking about it, and having written down what i was going to do this year, i found really encouraging... here's what i came up with....:

  • To Love my God; to grow daily in my walk with Him and to serve Him in everything I do.
  • To continue to challenge myself in everything I do, pushing my boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone.
  • To treat everyone I meet with the Love that reflects that of Christ Jesus.
  • To take time out for myself and to not feel guilty about it.
  • To read my Bible and continue to learn more about God.
  • To use my God given gifts for the Glory of the Kingdom.
  • To take every chance available to spread the Good News.
  • To stand up against injustice and to protect the wellbeing of vunerable and needy people, especially young people.
  • To always have time for people who ask for it.
so, as i go on this year, i will really strive to follow these in everything i do.
wish me luck!

point for prayer:
-if people could pray for me to be rested in this week off, and to start work refreshed and energised, so that i can do my best.
-i dont yet have anywhere to live, so prayer that that could all get sorted out would also be awesome!
-praise for the fact that we have a complete team on Crux Media, and prayer that we will stay as a team, and all manage to get along, and there wont be any breakdowns etc.

:) peace out.

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