Wednesday, 2 September 2009


dear blog. i am sorry for neglecting you over the summer. i will try to do better this next year. love tom.

so last year ended really well in burton.
i finished everything.
i said my goodbyes.
i started to move on.

summer has been busy.
i've been away.
i've worked.
i've caught up with old friends.

next year looks good.
i will be starting afresh.
i will be busy.
god will be doing amazing things.

So, for a new (academic) year i have decided that i want to do something a little different with my blog. and i think a few changes need to be made. and i will try my bestest to keep up with what i promise.
i) i shall be adding pictures next year
ii) i will try to be less dull
iii) i will update more
iv) i will not only be updating about myself, but about others and the world at large
v)i hope it might actually be interesting

so this is the hope.
only time will tell how well this goes.

i start training at
worcester university
7th september

then on to birmingham...

psalme 119:35
"Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight"


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