Sunday, 6 September 2009

a new begining...

so, it's tomorrow that i start.
a new chapter in my YFC journey, and not one that i would've been expecting at this time last year. far from it.
as i look back at this past year. it has been one of the quickest 365 days that i think i have ever experienced. it seems like such a short time ago that i turned up to Birmingham last year, not knowing anyone, unsure about where i would be, who i would meet and what i would be doing. and i look to the now. so much has changed, yet i am still in a pretty simelar position as i was at this point last year. like last year, i am currently unaware of where i will be living in what is now only a matter of days. i dont know much of what i will be doing. i feel slightly underprepared (though i am sure that i will be provided with excelent training to help with that one).
i think back on how much of my life is different. how much better it is, but how ultimately, as i face a new experience, it shows me as i truely am. i put on no front. i do not pretent to be anything more than i am.
a guy. who without my saviour, is nothing. but with him, i can acomplish anything.
it's as simple as that.

so as this year starts, i know that i do not start this year alone and unprepared. i start this year with my Lord at my side. and with the knowledge that through him all things are possible.

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