Thursday, 23 April 2009

three months

so, i think that first of all, we simply have to face facts.
1. i am possibly the worst blogger in the world
2. i will really try better in future
3. this blog will definitely not do the past 3 month absence of blogging credit, so i apologise for that in advance.

since friday the 13th of february, i feel that my life has changed a great deal, but i think that i will actually struggle to pinpoint moments in time, or particular events that have really had a huge impact of me.

so the remainder of february , or that which i can remember of it, was good. as people reading this will doubtless know, my memory sucks. so to be perfectly honest, the entirety of february passed in somewhat of a blur, and any moments that do come to mind, dont really seem very relevant to anything, and i therefore think that it would be somewhat pointless to include most of them, however, one moment, from some time towards the end of february does stand out to me as being kind of significant in my growth as a person, and my spiritual growth.
so, most years, since the age of about 8, i have gone skiing with my family and friends in the february half term, however the last few years, due to exams, and going at different point and what not, i have not been over this period. i still find it slightly odd that once the february holiday rolled around, i was not flying off to france to partake in fun, wintery activities. this february i knew a few people who were fortunate enough to be given the privilege, of skiing for this period. i was, it must be said, a little jealous. i know that i had only got back from skiing over christmas myself, just over a month ago, nevertheless, it seemed to me that these people were stealing my holiday, and i felt a little like i was being left out. as i was thinking about this however, it dawned on me how ridiculous this was. i was being petty about not being able to go skiing at a certain time of year, when skiing is something that many people never get the chance to experience in a lifetime, let alone at a particular time that they prefer each year. so i came to two conclusions:
1. this year, for me, is a bit about personal sacrifices. before this year began, i was somewhat of a TVaholic, however, since arriving in burton, i havent had the privilege of having access to a TV, so, as much as i would like to be able to stand up and say that i have fully abstained from television, i cannot, however, my time spent in front of the cube, i feel, has decreased dramatically. so this was quite a hard thig for me to deal with at first, but as the year went on, i began to realise what a blessing the time was, instead of wasting it by filling my mind with a load of rubbish, i had time to take out to pray more, begin to read my bible more indepth, and just take time out for me, or me and God. so as stupid as it may sound saying that my skiing issue was something that was a sacrifice for me, i think that it represents a lot of things that i've had to give up, and i need to get over the fact that i dont have them this year, and that i can definatley survive without them, and maybe, my life even may be fuller without them.
2. i need to be less concerned with self-satisfaction. i was thinking that if i had had the chance to ski this february, i would've loved it admittedly, however that wouldve been the full extent of the outcome, no one else wouldve benefitted, and this year, i have been called to serve the Lord, and to serve others. so i need to be less bothered about my own satisfaction, and concern myself with the well being of the kingdon, and of those around me.

as march rolled around, the workload seemed to increase a little, there were some small complaints, but i would far prefer to be busy all day everyday, than to be sat around feeling useless. so the increase was good. march was the month in which the YFC mid-year retreat was held. the volunteers journeyed to Kidderminster where we stayed at Fort Rocky for the week. the week was good and God did some incredible things that week, not just for me, but for loads of the other volunteers which i always love to witness as i find it so incredible to observe how people react to the Holy Spirit with a clear head. watching the Spirit act upon others and watching them worship always fills me with a passion to worship myself (not worship myself, worship God, but you know what i mean)
so that week was amazing.
after this i went back to Nunthorpe with Kelsey and stayed with her and Nicole for a week, which was lovely, we just hung out and stuff for the week, then at the end of my stay, i got the pleasure of meeting the rest of the Raymer family. which was just lovely! :)

march moved into april, where we currently find ourselves. work continued much to the same pattern as it always has, still awesome, but still the same. april this year, contained Easter holidays. this year, i spent my Easter with the McLaughlan family in Inverness. this was a new experience for me, and is was "the first time i had ever been to Scotland" apparently. so that was lovely, i saw the sights of Inverness, i saw the wonderful Loch (and monster :/ ) which was lovely, i was given a history of the entirety of Scotland, and am struggling to remember it, which sucks, because it really was awesome to hear about everything, first hand from Abi's dad (a history teacher). after spending the week up in Bonne Scotland, Abi and i journeyed back to the wonderful Oxford for a few lovely days... this was very nice, busy and tiring, but lovely. we did some of the usual touristy things, which was nice, i only ever really feel comfortable doing them when i am with someone foreign, so it was allowed! :)
we then got the extortionately priced train back home to Burton, where Abi then bussed it back to Ashby, and i got the bus back to Etwall.

we then spent my first week back at work in Burton moving offices, to just round the corner.
the new office, is big, and nice, but is one hige room, so could take a little getting used to, but so far, i like it. so that was kind of tiring, lugging things from the old office, to the new, but we are now in, and getting settled, so all is well.

so, we are now back to work properly, and getting into the swing of things, which is nice.

tomorrow, Kelsey, Nicole, and i will be in Leeds for THE RESCUE which should be amazing. i will really try to blog within the week...
i hope...
but i cant promise..
bug me until i do it!!!

peace out.


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Stacey said...

Glad to know we are lovely. You should have written LOUD instead. That would be more accurate. ;)