Friday, 13 February 2009

Disapointment on the bus.

So, on my bus to work everyday, the people who travel, in general, are old. first of all, im pretty sure that the majority of them, actually have no reason to go to Burton, as some of them go everyday, and there is just no way that they have that much shopping to do, or that many places to be on every day of the week. so I'm convinced that most of them are just going in, one, for something to do, and two, to mock the rest of us who don't get to travel for free using our old people's travel passes. the flaunt on, looking all smug as the flash their passes at the driver and go grab a seat while I'm still fumbling for change at the front (much to my disgust, the price of a ticket recently went up 40p!! on a single fare, and 25p! on a return. the injustice.) so most of these old people, who are travelling for no reason, are quite frail looking and look like a good hard sneeze might finish them off. however, there are these two old women who I like to think of the "head-grannies" (just for the point of clarification, i don't actually know either of these women, so therefore, i have absolutely no idea if either of them have children, let alone grandchildren, therefore, i don't actually know if they are grannies, per say, but I'm going to call them that, because i think it's more fun than old-people or anything) . they look like they're in control of what's happening, and if there was some epic war of grannies against the world, these two would be leading the charge. so, in the world of my imagination, i always thought that these two grannies would be mortal enemies, having a silent battle to eventual become the top granny. these two tend to get on at different stops, and I've never seen them exchange so much as a glance (which only confirmed my suspicion that they hated one another). so you can imagine my joy, as granny A got on the bus and the only seat left open was right across the isle from me, you guessed it, next to granny B! i had to pause my music, i was secretly hoping for them to start arguing and for them to cause an almighty scene.
you can imagine my absolute disgust then, when granny A sat down, and not only did she not blank granny B, but she smiled really nicely and started talking to her! i was outraged. but it didnt stop there. oh no. the two of them continued to talk all the way to town and by the time i had got off the bus they had arranged to meet for coffee later that day, and they were trying to sort out a date to meet up for dinner later this month.
so, pooff goes my imaginary granny war.
oh well.

[that was random, but i had fun writing it, so meh]

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Stacey said...

Nice blog. Please blog again. :)