Monday, 9 February 2009


so apparently i've become "one of those horrible bloggers that never blogs".
this makes me sad.

but i dont really feel i have anything great of note to say.
so i will keep this short and sweet.

this last week has been very mixed, and filled with a lot of emotion.
i was ill from tuesday last week, and i still dont think i have fully recovered as an annoying headache still presists. i was sent home on wednesday because i was too ill to work, and thursday was a day off due to the bad weather.

for a large part of last week, the weather decided that it was finally time to act like christmas, and snowed.
a lot.
well, no
on the grand scheme of things, the 2/3 inches (maybe a little more) that we had in burton weren't really a huge amount. but due to our countries apauling ability to deal with any type of weather other than showers, rain and downpours, the entire place came to a standstill. schools were closed, people "couldnt get to work" and business' had to shut.
however, i wasn't really complaining at the time.
i had a lovely day on thursday, as i took 2hour walk into the countryside aroung Etwall, and took lots of lovely pictures. [i even saw deer in the snow, it was awesome]

but back to work as usual this week, although at present, it is trying to snow again, we will have to wait untill morning, to see how successful it was.


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