Thursday, 4 September 2008


So training has began! (/begun.. don't know which is right)
Having started in Halesowen - just outside Birmingham for 3 days of child protection training, health and safety and tema building adventures, we have now moved on to the somewhat more serious matter of hardcore THEOLOGY, in the slighly more asthetically pleasing scenary of Nottingham Uni (Sherwood campus).

We somehow managed to rush through the small matter of the entire Old Testament in two days, having looked at:
Creation and The Fall
Personal Sin
Living in Exile
The Prophets ... etc.
for the most part, this was great, a bit intense at times. but thought provoking and interesting all the same.

Yesterday, i had my first real contact with anyone who i will be staying with/ working with /comming in contact with for the entirety of the following year. I met two people called Sue and Selina who will be, not running the YFC in Burton, but working for it.
I was given some slightly worrying news that even the people organising it, don't yet know where any of us will be staying once we arive in burton. I'm hoping they're good at arranging things last minute beause with just over a week untill we arive there, i'm starting to get a little nervous.

Today (thursday) was our first (of only two) days off!
Rather than actually going anywhere - to Nottingham or around the Universtiy campus....
I went to TESCO! to buy Vimto and sweets...
Not the healthiest of things, but things that are needed to get through hours of talks.
To counteract the imense loads of unhealthy food stuffs, i decided that exersize would be the next logical step. The clorine in the pool made my eyes go red, and the rowing machine gave me blisters, but i still feel better for it!

Tomorow, we have a whole day of talks about JESUS, by Gavin Calver.
Which should be good. probably quite intense again (there seems to be a running theme with that word). but he normally talks very well and manages to add humour to the talks not only making them more enjoyable, but making them easier to understand.

So off to sleep, and maybe awake to the sound of changing sheets....?
who knows!

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