Friday, 12 September 2008

Last Day in Nottingham

crazy times...

so much has happened in the last week or two.
hearts have been broken
and lives have been changed.

firstly, over this short period i really feel that my relationship with God has really improved, moreso recently than it has for a long time.
being around people my age, who share my beliefs and who i really get on with, is such a welcome change for my life. i really feel welcomed and accepted as who i am, and i feel respected for what i believe in.

Today is the last day of being at Nottingham university. and from tomorow onwards i will be based in Burton-on-Trent. i am very exited about leaving because i'm really looking forward to going to new places and meeting new people and really getting into doing work with and for God. but at the same time i'm really sad to leave the friends i've made and i'm slightly upset to be leaving this atmosphere and i really hope that as i go on i will really be able to carry on growing in my faith even as i go to do new things.

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