Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I have arived!
i've been inBurton just over 3 days and it's already SO busy!.

at the moment, i'm staying with a couple called Karen and Mark. they live in a small village called Stretten just outside Burton. they have a small son called Jacob (Jake) who is very enthusiastic about everything. It's very sweet.

I've been so busy since i arrived. when i first got to burton on Saturday at around mid-day, we (Matt, Tom and I) went to Phil Pusey's house (he's the director of Burton YFC) for brunch. we were then taken for a meal, and a tour of burton by a guy called Mick(?) who goes to the same church as Matt.
In the evening, i was brought to Karen and Mark's house by selina and went to bed almost straight away.

On the sunday, i went to church with Karen (Mark and Jake were at football). The church that i will be based at for the year, is called St. Marys.
It's an old church building with quite a small congregation - about 30in total.
There was a small "worship-band" at the front, and the regular vicar (kim) was away on holiday so there was another guy leading the morning.

On monday, we started the day off in the office and did "team building" and we got to know each other and sort out time tables and arrangements then i went to two youth groups at the end of the day which were quite small and hectic but everyone was so nice and welcoming.

Today was my first full "proper day" i was at a school called Paulet school wehere i was helping run a group called CoPE. CoPE stands for Certificate of Personal Education.
it is used for students who struggle to stay connected and who have problems learning in a 'normal' school environment. this was very fun, but so crazy. the kids, just don't sit still or concentrate.
tonight. i'm doing a drama club which should be interesting. i'm not really sure what's happening at it. but we'll soon see...

i'm missing people from training, but i suppose in a way it's good to have my own space and a bit of room to really concentrate on God. i'm really looking forward to this next week. on the 19th (this friday) i get to go home to oxford for the weekend which should be exiting and it should be good to catch up with people.

more later. ciao.....x

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