Sunday, 7 September 2008


So with only a week left in nottingham before we all leave to go to our different locations and centres for the following year, the people from Tee's Valley and Newcastle left earlier than the rest of us, to finish their training at the centres. (Which sucks! because my new bff Kelsey - with her awesome accent - left! she is my Harry Potter buddy and i think i may've finally found someone who can match my obsession with the wonderful books.

Today, in my (but not everyone's) opinion was a good day. In the morning session of the day we studdied eschatology (the study of the end of all things). i found this facinating and is something that i definately want to read and study more about.
i think some people found it a bit hard and complicated today and didn't really apreciate the talk.

This afternoon we had "team time" in which we got into our groups of what type of gap year we were doing and prayed about our fears and hopes for the following year. we then all came together and prayed. it was an awesome time and i am so glad of the guidance God has given me, and i am "well pleased" that he has lead me here.

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