Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Back in Burton.

(in burton)
i got back from my brief trip home on sunday evening and found that the kitchen of my host home was torn up with a wall missing - exiting stuffs. they're having a wall taken down to make their kitchen into an open plan thingy wich actually looks really good!!

monday was a good day, we had our first proper "Staff Meeting". we're reading a book called "searching for God knows what" which is quite good, we're doing it chapter by chapter and it's planned to take the whole year.
i then went to school witn Sue and took my first FRENCH LESSON!!! it was fuuun!
very basic teaching them je m'appelle... and une, deux, trois etc...
the kids are all so sweet and eager to learn but we had 25 to start with, however i'm told that over the year the numbers will decrease and we'll end up with a smaller number of kids who actually want to learn french rather than just coming to mess around.
after french i had the afternoon off - didnt do a lot- and in the evening i had GG and FOG. these were good fun i got to see Jordan again which was nice and we continued planning our mini-film which is going well - i thik that we may being a little over ambitious but i'm willing to go with the plan and see what happens.

tuesday (today) was another day of CoPE it was great - first aid with the year 9s, and the key hook making with the year 10s and 11s - it was really fun!
they're really great kids who are SO energetic. then this afternoon i had the drama club. which was, to be honest, a bit of a disaster. the people didnt turn up and it seems none of the children except like 3 of them want to really do it.. so we'll have to se how (/if) that one works at all...

tomorow is a day in the office, then a club with Kay.
should be good


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