Monday, 6 October 2008

times a-changing

just when i thought my timetable was sorted and i was begining to settle into a routine - it gets changed!
so yay!
but it is a good thing i suppose, i'm now doing more, which will keep me busy, and doing more "christ - related things" which is also good!
so this monday (today) i did an assembly about harvest!
which was good times...
we made children do taste / smell tests on food and got them to guess what it was whilst they were blindfolded.. it was good.. and seemed to work.. the kids loved it and was quite easy to do.
after this, i had french club again with Sue which was really good, the kids are very enthusiastic and most seem to want to actually learn french. we are still getting new people joining even on it's third week which is making it a little awkward for consistance, as we now have people at so many different levels it makes it hard to have activities that keep everyone happy all the time... There is also this one kid called Liam who is a special needs student who demands all of the attention on everyone at all times. he is quite sweet and blatenly doesn't want to learn french as he asked me and Sue today what club we were running when this is his third week of coming... but he's not doing anything wrong, he just sits at the back of the club and does his own thing and seems quite happy with it, and the teachers seem happy that he's being supervised for the time that we're there.
Oh well...
the this evening i was at GG and FOG. they were good. i got to see Jake again which was nice. and in GG we did filming for the 60 second movie clip thing for the competition, which seemd good. it was along the same standard as the other, it was ok, and seemed to work, but it was not competition winner...
FOG's group was good tonight, we followed the usual trend of not really doing much, but it seems to work, and they keep comming back, so i can't really diss the way they do things. but today's group was more religion based than any of the other 4 groups that i've attended. we actually read from the bible, and prayed and everything!
it was awesome!

The weekend just gone, Matt, Tom and I did the first of six parts of our Engage course in Nottingham. firstly, it took us about a month to get there we took a train from burton to nottingham, the a bus for about 20 mins, the we still had to walk for about another 2o minutes before we got there.
but the course itself was really good...
interesting and informative and i expect that it will be pretty useful in the year to come.
the downside is - Homework :(
we have two 500 - 800 word things to write, the do this other presentation type thing of our spiritual life journey.. which could be interesting....
the upside - we got to see ERIN! and SEAN!
it was so good to see them.. and we had a great time...
i think that'll do for today..
5 days untill commissioning! 
i can't wait!

as a good friend of mine would say - peace out trout.

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love that the kid asked what club he was attending..after the 3rd week of