Thursday, 30 October 2008

long time, no.... type?

it's been a LONG time since i blogged
so much has happened, i'm sure...
but my memory being like the seive it is..
i can't remember a lot of it..
so i'll work my way backwards, from the future, to now, the back to the past..
today is thursday...
and tomorow morning.. i'll be getting on the train to London to meet up with Kelsey and Nicole (and Simon with fingers crossed....!)
what we will do: we'll im not entirely sure..
i believe it's up to Nicole... so i think we're doing some touristy things.. hamleys, shopping possibly the aquarium etc. which should be amazing! on saturday.. we're going to see WICKED!
i can't wait.. it should be awesome!!
i love the theatre... and musicals and i can't wait.
then on sunday morning, Nicole and i are going to Hillsong Church and Kelsey is getting the plane back to Texas (yay...? (apparently) i'm going to miss her...)
these last few days (tuesday and wednesday) i was at modular training with YFC- on a course called "working with hard to reach young people".
it was an amazing 24 hours...
it was great to see loads of people again.. and to catch up with them, even if the time we had to socialise was quite a small one.
after half term, i am starting a Youth Alpha course ( :D ) with Rachel (youthworker from my church) and Kim (vicar from my church).
i cannot wait for it to start.. this is the age of youth that i really love working with (16 - 18 year olds) so i am so excited to start to see what God will be able to do through me to influence these young people into turning to Christ, or at the very least, making them start to think about their lives, and their faith / beliefs.
i cannot wait.
it should be awesome.
after half term, i am also starting a youth club with my church at the local primary school, William Shrewsbury, called Cre8 which is aimed at year 3 and 4.
other than that..
i cant really remember anything of note that has happened
so i'll leave it there
Ciao for now.


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