Saturday, 18 October 2008

kinda sleepy

understatement of the century..
i have had about 2 hours sleep (if i'm lucky) and i am babysitting tonight.. i may be forced to follow in the footsteps of my best friend kelsey and start up the tradition of afternoon naps in this house. we'll have to see, i dont much like the idea of becoming an old person quite yet.
so the reason for the tiredness... children!
small annoying children with far too much energy.
you would think a bedtime of 1.00 am would be plenty late enough... but nooooooo, they're going to stay up until way past that...
so, i eventually fell asleep at about 2.00 i'd guess and was sleeping comfortably when at about 3.00 am, Matt woke me up to inform me that the guys had started throwing a ball across the room and we're attacking each other in the dark.
not good.
i was not a happy chappy (as someone who will remain un-named used to say).
anyway. once this distraction was finaly dealt with, it was almost 4.00.
seeing as we we're supposed to be waking up at 8.00, i thought that another four hours sleep would do me good.
sadly, it was not to be.. the children decided that three more hours "sleep" was quite enough for one night, so that just before 7.00 they woke up again and unfortunately, that was it for the night.

anyway, enough ranting about sleep deprivation...

the rest of my week (and the week before that, since i haven't posted in some time) was very good. i cant remember a great deal of specifics, but i had a productive week, got a lot done and i am really satrting to be given more responisbilities with the stuff that i want to be more involved with which is awesome!

it was so amazing to see everyone again, and great to see my family and friends.
i got to meet some peoples families as well, which was really good
there was a great service as well with some awesome worship which i had been craving somewhat...
all in all, it was a great day!

in a week and a bit.. we have our first modular training day back in Halesowen, so i'll get to see everyone AGAIN!!

just after that - London!
i'm going to London with my best friend Kelsey and our other friend Nicole...
which should be a great day or two...

i cant think of much else to say.. so i will add some pictures..
and leave it there...

Fletch and his twin (and Tom) they're the same!!!!

Jess, Heather, Jo and I (at training)

that is all....



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jessie_mee said...

you must teach me how to put pictures in blogs..
miss you
see you soon