Saturday, 13 March 2010


project 365: is a photography project, designed to document the course of a year in the life of a person. the basic idea of it is that you take one photo. per day. every day. for 365 days in a row. the idea is that life in the modern day and age, lives at such a fast pace, i frequently find myself wondering just where the time has gone. so. with this in mind, taking a photo of every single day of my life, would alow me to then look back on the photos and give myself a flashbulb memory straight back to a place, an event, a time in my life, that i might otherwise forget.
a blog, it would seem to me is a perfect place to document this project. so that is what i will do. everyday, i will take a photo (i may not upload every day, but i will shoot every day) and through this, i should be able to recall events in my life far better.

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