Saturday, 27 February 2010


so i last posted on the 2nd of october or something like that.
and for this i am upset.
not realyl at anyone but myself.
i'm not really sure if anyone actually reads my blog. ever. so i suppose i'm not really letting anyone down but myself. (if anyone does ever read this, let me know, just out of interest)
however, i do love to write. and a blog seems like a very logical and logical way to combine my love of writing, and keeping an account of my life / thoughs / musings.
so as a part of my lent, things... i have decided to make a lenty pledge to myself to Blog.
and this by no means means that i am going to do it every day, but i think that i will aim for 2/3 posts per week.
if i can do more, then fantastic, but i think that 2 or 3 is a good target. my life is nowhere near intersting enough for one a day. but i like to keep my metaphorical pen in use with writing on a regular basis, or i may forget how to spell anything all over again. and we certainly wouldnt want that now would we.
so that is my commitment. i will write (hopefully interesting) posts far, far, far more regularly than i have been doing.
[out of interest- i am also only drinking water for lent, and not going to buy anything for myself]


siwatkinson said...

I read it. Really interesting lent pledges mate, x

GILLIAN said...

I am following you.. So when you write anything it comes up on my dashboard :)

I will be incredibly impressed if you write 2/3 a week. I only manage to do about 1 every two weeks.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog Spice!!!!

atmospherics said...

well, it's good to know a few of you are out there reading it. ha. :) i do hope im not boring you.