Monday, 1 December 2008

wow. i suck at blogging

as the title says.
i suck.
it's been like 3 weeks since my last blog and even though I've had plenty of time, i still haven't done any blogging.
i hang my head in shame.

oh well.

so in the last three weeks, a lot will've happened I'm sure, but due to my appalling memory, i will undoubtedly forget the majority of it.
so I'll start with the basics.

1. I'm still alive - not that i was really in any doubt that i would be, but i find this simple fact reassuring none the less. i have had no crazed youths trying to kill me. yet. so all is good in the life department.

2. Life is good - i cant really think of anything to complain about. other than being tired a fair bit of the time, and my social life outside of work being pretty poor, life is good.
I'm happy, and Jesus loves me. and if both of these are true. what else matters.

as for the rest of my past three weeks, here goes:

as Christmas approaches (and i have to final fold to the fact that Christmas is really here! despite the fact that advent calendars and the like have been in the shops for well over two months (could be nearer to three months) it is now December, advent has begun and Christmas is close!) so, as Christmas approaches things are beginning to get quite busy.
what with the combination of the youth starting to realise that the end of term is creeping up on them, and with the business that comes alongside the end of a term at school, my life is starting to become slightly hectic.

this last week has been really good for me, nothing especially noticeable happened, but it seems to have really had quite a strong impact on my life, it started off with a change in routine, instead f the usual Monday lunchtime french club, i was roped in to cover for Matt and did JP2S in William Hutson school. this is a group of kids who i usually do a lunchtime youth club with on a Friday at their school, and it was slightly unusual for me to see them in a classroom setting. i had previously thought of the group as being out of control, and i had really not envied Kay, Matt and Steve for going there every Monday to try to actually impart some wisdom onto these kids. however, after spending the two hour session with them, my opinion had been completely changed. i realised that these were just children who craved some attention and so played up in clubs in order to try to achieve this goal.
this was a real eye-opener.
the rest of the week was somewhat un-eventful, it flew by, as most of time seems to be doing recently.
Thursday was another good day for me. i woke up surprisingly early to say i don't have to be at work until 1:30 on a Thursday afternoon, but when i woke up at 8.43 i found myself unable to go back to sleep. it's probably connected to the inability to sleep that i have recently developed, but all the same, i decided that i should get up and make some use of my time, rather than lying in my bed, and trying to force sleep upon myself.
so i got up and decided that a useful way to use my time, would be biblically. so i had a shower and at about 9 i settled down to what thought would be a light prayer and meditation session. i must've been more into it that i thought, because by the time i was starting to think that it was time to wrap up the praying, i glanced up at my clock and had to double check when the time was just past 11. i cant remember a great deal of the specifics of this time, but i felt a lot better for the time i had spent, and i really feel like i sorted some things out with god in that time. the rest of my Thursday was great. i didn't do a lot until i got my bus to Stretton to go to William Shrewsbury, where i was supervising some singing for the little'us then taught an re lesson on "christian values and the impact they have on our lives" which was basically the ten commandments etc. but it was good.
usually after this teaching i go home to relax and help with the dinner or whatever, but for some reason, i felt the urge to go into Burton, so i caught the bus and decided that i wanted to go to Costa Coffee, so i did. i ordered my drink and sat down, briefly facebooked on my phone then sat and watched the world go by for an hour or so. i really enjoyed just sitting and watching the people g about their lives. it really made me stop and appreciate the time i have, and what a wonderful gift God has given me in putting me in Burton this year.
i had a good end to the week, and a good, albeit tiring weekend. and i find myself surprisingly refreshed for the approaching week.

as for the two weeks before this one, i am afraid to say that it would appear my memory is going to fail me.

i will endeavour, in future to give a more detailed account of my life, at least once a week, as I'm sure that I'll be able to find the time to write a little something at some point.

bible verse of note at the moment:

Psalms 5:8
"Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow"

with my uncertainty of next year, and the rest of my plans for future life, wherever i may be, and whatever i may be doing, this verse is one I've been going over, as i pray that God will show me the path i need to take in my life and will make the way i should follow, more available for me to see and act upon.


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