Saturday, 20 June 2009

so, today i am back in oxford allbeit briefly.
i was in cambridge for a visit for my sisters "birthday party" on thursday evening, and came back here on friday afternoon. and i have had quite a busy few days all in all.

on wednesday i had an interview for my potential position for next year with Crux Media and it struck me as i was in the car on the way home, that i am getting really stressed about where i will be next year, and what i will be doing and exactly what my job will be. and it's just silly. i dont need to be worrying about things like this at this point in my life. i need to begin to trust more. trust more that God has my life in his hands and that he will both guide me and protect me in my life and throughout my journey. and it's silly that i am wondering about where i will be in 15 years when for the first time in my life i am not tied down by anything or commited to being anywhere specific.

and yeah...
i'm rambling..


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