Friday, 23 January 2009

Good Week

it's been a good week.
busy, but nice.
Monday. instead of having our regular team meeting, the BYFC team went to see a potential candidate to be our new head office as we are being kicked out of the one we are in very soon (we were ment to move out sometime soon after the end of December, but sofar we have been inable to find anywhere new that is suitable or really gives us the kind of space or facilities that we need from day to day). this new office was nice, very spacious, and new looking, slightly closer to the middle of town that our present one, and right next door to the Riverside Church.
after this we went back to the office and talked with selina for a bit about out diary's for the comming month, and matt talked about getting time off. after this, mondays for me mean french club! so off we went to that where we made some little calendars with the months written in french and the kids drew pictures of things supposedly associated with france on them. (i drew The Eiffel Tower). i then have a bit of time at the office before i walk to Rachel's house in time to take the kids to her friend's house to be looked after before we trundle off to CRE8 at William Shrewsbury school. this week however, Rachel's friend was sick, so we couldn't take the kids there, meaning that Seb and Mary had to acompany us to the club. this was, supprisingly, less stressful than monday's normally are, we got to the school like 20 / 30 minutes early and we weren't in a rush setting up and getting ready for the hoards of adorable 9 / 10 year olds to flood us. we had a good club this week and we made picture frames out of card and stuck pasta and rice on to them to make little patterns. after CRE8, i went back to Rachel's house to eat and play with the kids! who are so cute! after this i have the two Youth Cell groups that i do with my church called GG and FOG. the past week, we'd had meetings about both of these groups in an attempt to make us be able to cope with GG and to try to deepen what we are already do with FOG. i think, on the whole, what we did was a huge success. GG was, although completely hectic, quite constructive. we got the kid's to write down a set of rules and consequences designed by them, in a hope to keep the disruption down to a minimum. we then mannaged to play a game without it being a disaster and we talked about some vaguely interesting stuff. great success! FOG, was equally good, we talked about a CD that we had given to all the youth abnd they talked about their favourite songs. it was goood!
Tuesday. ...... .. .. .

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